e-Receipt System

Accept Card Payment Anywhere with Your Smart Phone.

Innovative eReceipt System or known as iERS is a POS Receipt Management System that capture POS Receipt through EDC terminal or MPOS devices. All receipts will be uploaded to the iERS host, where they will be stored and retrieved as and when required by banks or merchants.

The transaction is captured after the payment transaction has been approved. Card Number can be stored into our PCI-DSS compliance data centre. All receipts captured that save into database can be easily analyzed, retrieved by Bank and Merchants anytime and anywhere.

Paper Receipt Vs. e-Receipt


1. Hardcopy and less durability Digital Format and life-time durability
2. Storage Spare Required Hardisk Space Required
3. Filing System Required Reports available
4. Printer required No Printer required
5. Difficult to locate and retrieve Easy to retrieve at 24 x 7
6. Data cannot be centralized Centralization of database
7. Less Accuracy after faded 100% accuracy
8. Less accessibility User creation and control by access level
9. Convert to softcopy via scan Convert to pdf format by a few click
10. Standard Shopping experience Innovative shopping experience
11. Slower dispute handling process Instant dispute handling process
12. Paper Cost No Paper Cost

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