Software Customization

Many businesses are losing their competitive edge because they struggle to move away from legacy software that is slow, hard to maintain, unable to adapt to the latest technology, and high risk of getting hacked. Many companies also are afraid to change their software because they feel the ready-made solutions in the market do not quite fit their unique needs and requirements.

CardBiz can help businesses bridge this gap with our highly trained programmers and software engineers in developing custom software solutions catered specifically to your organization’s unique culture, processes, customer base, language and more. Our software customization solutions are also efficient, scalable, flexible, and able to integrate into mobile apps.

Features and Functions


Eliminate or reduce manual work processes by automating a variety of business processes.

Specific to Business Needs

Adaptation of the system is based on your unique business processes and model.

Legacy Integration

Help combine some aspects of legacy applications and data into a new/revamped system.

Feature Rich

Customized software is the best way of packing as many features, functionalities and uses into one system.

Save Money

Some companies may lock certain features behind more expensive bundles, forcing you to take a much more expensive solution which is not practical.

Competitive Edge

Customized software often provides bigger advantages compared to a standard or ready-made software solution.

Flexibility in meeting new demands

New software means better compatibility with newer technology and systems.

Faster Rollout

Immediate delivery of a customized solution. No need to wait for a new product version or patch.

High Security

Safeguard your business from cyber threats with the highest and latest security protocols.

Backend Integration

Implement the specified customizations in your existing system seamlessly.

Extensive Testing

We will test and validate the customization in our client’s working environment for a bug-free and smooth roll out.

High Stability

The software will be more robust and stable because it is specially made just for your hardware and software.

Customized Reports

Customize the reports in your required formats. Or we could assist you to develop Business Intelligent Reports for you.

Training & Documentation

We will train your staff and provide documentations and manuals to use the software to its fullest potential.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when there is a problem.

Got questions?

At CardBiz, we firmly believe the key to making an effective customized software solution for any business is to pay close attention and listen to your needs, pain points and expectations. We prioritize your needs so that Software Customization truly shines and works best for you. Reach out to us today for a FREE consultation on how we can bring innovation into your software solutions.
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    We’re here to serve your needs

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