Web-Based Time Attendance Management System (TAMS)

Time Attendance Management System

Time Attendance Management System

Punctuality can say a lot about a person’s character, which is why many organizations pay a lot of attention to this information. With CardBiz’s Time Attendance Management System (TAMS), we combine a smart attendance terminal with a web-based system that tracks, manages and automates various features simultaneously and in real-time.

Features & Functions

More than a Door Access System

In most companies, staff scan their access card to enter & exit. TAMS uses this timestamp to offer a whole lot more functionalities.

Flexible Working Categories

Caters to all working categories ie, regular/flexible working hours, shift, overtime, work from home, work on off days and more.

Easy Management

TAMS is easy for managers and supervisors when planning duty rosters and shift-based duties.

Late / Absence Reason

When a person is late, a message is automatically sent to the person to explain. The reason is then sent to the supervisor to accept or flag for further action.


Various processes at various levels are automated to save time and hassle, especially useful for managers who handle a large group of employees.

Repeated Warning

Color-coded warnings are given for repeated offenses; Green –> Yellow –> Orange –> Red. If staff continues to be late or absent, he/she is issued a show cause letter by HR. All processes adhere to Labor Law guidelines.

Grace Period

With a grace period, a staff can be a few minutes late without being flagged by the system.

Loyalty Program Features
Time Honor System

If a staff is late, he/she could be allowed to work extra minutes or hours to cover for the lateness without being flagged.

Track Break Frequency

Monitor the number of times a staff goes for breaks.

Leave Management System

Monitor leave details, balances and entitlements, including annual leave, emergency leave, sick leave and unpaid leave.

Easy Approval Process

Managers can quickly approve/reject staff leave requests and cross-check manpower on the specific dates.

Loyalty Program Features
Public Holidays

Set the holidays your entire organization observes. Useful when staff plan for their annual leave or shift duty roster.

Easy Overtime Calculation

TAMS makes it easy for managers and Finance Department to calculate overtime claims.

Daily Attendance Report

Staff details of time-in and time-out, overtime, leave taken, days off/weekends, allowances etc.

Lateness Summary Report

Only shows the latecomers for a selected date.

Individual Attendance Report

Whole month details of time-in, time-out, overtime, leave taken, rest days, allowance etc for an individual employee.

KPI Performance Report

Monthly & yearly reports on total hours late, absent, unpaid leave, and sick days can be integrated with an organization’s KPI assessment system.

Staff Information

Staff personal particulars, emergency contact, department, extension number and relevant data stored in secure servers.

Simple Setup

Just requires a door access system to be integrated into TAMS, it then can be integrated into any existing system in the organization.

Overworked Staff

Monitor staff who are working beyond the maximum weekly hours.

Reduce Risk of Human Error

As many of TAMS’s processes are automated, there is little room for mistakes to occur.

Up-to-date Information

Simply refresh your browser to view the latest information.

Go Green & Savings

Save the trees and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

TAMS Process Flow

Increase your workforce productivity

With CardBiz Solution TAMS, staff attendance information can be monitored, presented and analyzed on a real-time basis, thus helping company management have a clear insight into their workforce productivity. Reach out to us today on how we can transform your business.
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