Online Redemption System

Traditional loyalty redemption systems use physical catalogs that are costly to print, package and deliver. The manual processing of each redemption is also time-consuming and requires additional manpower for the loyalty program operator. This is where the Online Redemption System (ORS) comes in.

ORS is a great and convenient way of providing corporate or loyalty program operators with a way for their customers to redeem points online with just a few clicks. Check out our E-commerce Service Provider

Features & Functions

Rewards Catalogue

By listing the catalog online, it can be accessible anywhere & anytime

Quick & Seamless Process

It takes only seconds to check, validate and confirm any gift redemption

Ease of use

If additional details are required, simply fill up an online form within 2 minutes

Loyalty Program Features
Cater to B2B & B2C

One system can offer points redemption for both sets of clients seamlessly

Bank Integration

The ORS system will do all the communication between your business and the bank(s)

Safe and Secure

CardBiz Solution are PCI DSS compliant for the safe and secure transactions

Fewer Resources

By outsourcing the ORS to a third party, it frees up resources for your business or the bank

Save Money

Skip printing catalog, delivery and handling fees

Go Green

Save the trees and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint

Online Redemption System
Process Flow

  • A customer with an XYZ credit Card wants to redeem his loyalty points.
  • The customer is directed from XYZ bank website to another site that manages the ORS.
  • He browses the online catalog with physical and digital rewards and adds his selection to his shopping cart.
  • He fills in the online redemption form and clicks the submit button.
  • The ORS will convert the customer’s details into a redemption file.
  • The file will be sent to XYZ bank to confirm if the customer has enough loyalty points to redeem his gift.
  • If yes, his loyalty points will be deducted, and a message will be sent to the ORS site.
  • Success! The confirmation status from XYZ bank will appear on the customer’s screen.
  • Steps 5-8 are done within 3 seconds.

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The Online Redemption System is highly customizable for your business's specific needs. It is also equipped with SMS or email communication tools to notify customers of the latest news and promotions. Contact us today and find out how ORS can offer value to your business and your customers.
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