Staff Purchase System

Staff Purchase System

Every successful business would not be where they are today without the hard work and dedication of its staff. It has become the norm for companies to offer bonuses, organize annual dinners, and other novel ideas to show their appreciation to their staff.

In an ever-increasing trend, companies are also embracing their employees as customers and brand ambassadors by offering them the company’s range of products and services at unbeatable prices. Such an incentive is easy to implement manually for a small-sized company, but with over 50, 100 or more staff, it becomes much more complicated.

At CardBiz, we offer an intuitive Staff Purchase System that is easy to manage, track and implement for every staff.

Features and Functions

Quick & Seamless Process

Staff purchases can be as simple and seamless just as how they would purchase at any store or online platform.

Loyalty Program Features
Set a Budget

Set a limit on how many total sales are permitted per month or annually. Or limit staff to only a certain number of purchases within a stipulated period.

Purchase Limit by Rank

Have the option of setting varying spending limits based on seniority or organization rank.

Error-Free Fulfilment

A systematic and automated system dramatically lessens human error.

Web-Based Application

The system is safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed by any smart device, pc or smartphone.

Integrate with Existing Systems

CardBiz can integrate the Staff Purchase System with your Human Resource system(s)

Business Intelligence Tools Malaysia

View sales performance at a glance with graphs and charts in the backend dashboard. Various data can also be exported easily for report generation.

Track Purchases

The system can track all your staff purchase history and even view their staff profile within the same system.

Fewer Resources

By automating various processes, it leads to less dependence on manpower and other resources.

Improved Staff Satisfaction

Your staff will not only enjoy your products at great prices but also a satisfying shopping experience.

Go Green

Save the trees and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.


CardBiz’s Staff Purchase System will not only help your business manage the incentive systematically but also boost your staff morale. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.
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