Prepaid / e-Purse / Gift Card

Electronic Purse System

Everyone would have experienced being in a long queue at a payment counter in a canteen or food court. How about receiving less change or, worse, the cashier forgot the amount you gave initially and asked you instead? CardBiz can help your F&B business, mall, stadium, school, college, hospital, theme park and more go cashless and be more efficient by adopting a Prepaid / e-Purse / Giftcard payment system.

A Prepaid is the storage of cash in an electronic wallet that usually comes in the form of a card the size of a credit card. The card is loaded with an amount that is deducted during a transaction and can be reloaded an unlimited number of times.

CardBiz offers end-to-end solutions to help businesses run their own innovative Electronic Purse System (iEPS) thanks to a customizable web-based application that provides features that combine Point of Sale (POS), Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Terminal, Kiosk, Mobile Apps and Smart Card technology to support online and offline transactions. To enhance your business further, consider integrating our Loyalty Program service into your offerings.

Features & Functions

Quick and Easy Checkout

Simply tap the card on the contactless payment terminal and the transaction is completed in seconds

Cardless Transaction

Forgot your card? No problem, just provide your mobile number, IC number or email address

Safe and Secure

Secret Key Management System with Secure Access Module (SAM) reduces the risk of fraudulent payments

High Durability

Each card is built to last and withstand a lot of abuse and damage from getting wet

Encourage Impulse Buying

When the payment is seamless and quick, the customer’s willingness to spend is a lot higher

Easy Expandability

The EDC, POS terminals and kiosks can also be configured to accept credit & debit cards and e-wallets

Member Portal

A web portal can offer more features, incentives and cardholders to track their spending

Mobile App

Same features as the Member Portal but in a mobile app. The best option to send push notifications to customers


Kiosks can be placed in strategic locations for cardholders to self-reload their card and check balances, etc.

Generate Report and Tax Claims

Since every data is captured in the system digitally, it makes it easy to sort the data and generate reports


Cardholders can be notified of the amount deducted from their card by SMS or email, or in-app notification


To spur expenditure, special discounts can be offered to cardholders


Free extra value when reloading a specific amount or free items upon spending a certain amount

Card Specific Promotions

Better rewards. i.e; platinum card customers get 8% extra discount than regular cardholders

Credit Limit

Helps cardholders from overspending as well as reduce loss if a stolen card is used by a thief

Combine Cards

Our POS terminals can accept payment from two cards. Useful to finish balance in another card

Transfer Value

Cardholders can easily transfer the balance in one card to another

Loyalty Program Features
Accept Cash

iEPS allows cash transactions to be accepted

Card Expiry

The card issuer can set an expiry date for the prepaid card


Cardholders have the option of requesting a refund of an amount stored in the prepaid card

Tenancy Settlement

Auto-calculate weekly or monthly tenant transaction

Collect Money in Advance

Reinvest money in the cardholder’s Prepaid Card to earn interest

User-Friendly Terminals

Anyone can easily use the terminals and kiosks

Reliable Terminals

CardBiz iEPS offers various top-quality and reliable POS, EDC terminals and kiosks for every business need

Comprehensive Support

Support includes; telephone, email, on-site, preventive maintenance and software patches


Training for Web Application, POS and EDC Terminals are available

Strong Track Record

CardBiz has been in the fintech industry for almost 20 years and is an expert in building software solutions for various industries and established brands.


CardBiz iEPS can help your business save costs, reduce wastage and cut down on human errors. Adopting a prepaid / e-Purse system can also help in more ways than one to boost sales and improve the customer shopping experience. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.
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