Middleware System

Middleware System

Has your organization grown over the years to see the usage of a variety of software solutions or systems and don’t know how to get them to link and work together? Or perhaps you do not want to spend a lot of time, money and effort to create a new system from the ground up when the existing software works fine. Or do you want to use cloud services in the organization but the current software is incompatible? If that is you, then you should consider getting a Middleware System.

Middleware is a software solution for enterprises that struggle to streamline their multiple existing processes and services. It sits between the application layer and operating system (OS) layer of your infrastructure stack to enable a channel of communication and data to flow between two or more components.

Features and Functions

Better Compatibility

Interoperability between all your enterprise systems, including legacy tools, industry-specific software, web services, and databases. You can also connect with external systems and partner technologies.

Centralized System

Middleware becomes the backbone of the enterprise that seamlessly connects different applications in the system.

Connect to the Cloud

Many enterprises were set up before the days of cloud computing. Middleware can help adopt cloud-based applications and processes for the organization.

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Enable data flow between disparate backend systems so that you can gain more from automation and analytics.


Eliminate or reduce manual work processes by automating a variety of processes.

Legacy Integration

Help combine some aspects of legacy applications and data.

Niche Customization

Adaptation of the Middleware based on your unique organization processes and model.

Faster to Develop and Deploy

A Middleware System will save you time, money, and effort instead of building a new system from scratch.


A Middleware System can easily scale vertically and horizontally.

Developer Readiness

Middleware solutions will include Web Service Specification in addition to APIs for custom configurations and development.

Lesser Workload

Reduce IT efforts by consolidating web, data, and integration management in a single platform.

High Security

A good middleware can act as the enterprise’s gatekeeper with the latest security technologies and standards and patches.

Training & Documentation

CardBiz will train your staff and provide the necessary documentation to use the solution to its fullest potential.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when there is a problem.

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A Middleware System can efficiently and accurately solve data and application integration challenges while becoming the new scalable backbone for the enterprise. Reach out to us today for a FREE consultation on how we can transform your business with our innovative solutions.
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