e-Wallet QR Pay System

The world is quickly switching to a cashless economy. An e-wallet app or cloud-based QR Payment System that securely stores a user’s payment details to enable them to make  purchases across different websites or physical stores without giving away their payment details. You, too, can set up your very own e-Wallet QR Pay System with CardBiz Solutions. To enhance your business further, consider integrating our Loyalty Program service into your offerings.

Features & Functions

QR Pay & QR Scan

Simply scan the merchant’s QR code or let your e-Wallet QR code (in smartphone app) be scanned to complete the transaction in a matter of seconds

Easy reload

Reloads can be done online via a payment gateway using your credit/debit cards or online banking with FPX

PCI DSS and BNM Compliant

Our application and Data Centers are PCI DSS Compliant and follow Bank Negara Malaysia’s strict safety guidelines

Customizable Mobile App

Develop/customize your own apps, promote brand name, offer rewards such as loyalty points, e-voucher and the latest promotions for your valued clients

Encourage Impulse Buying

When the payment is seamless and quick, the customer’s willingness to spend is a lot higher

Extra Promotions

Free extra value when reloading a specific amount or free items upon spending a certain amount

Member-Tier Promotions

Better rewards. i.e. platinum member get 8% extra discount than regular members


To spur expenditure, special discounts can be offered to users

Credit Limit

Stops users from overspending

Transfer Value

The amount can be transferred from one user’s e-Wallet to another or by using DuitNow or DuitNow QR Pay


Users can request a refund of an amount stored in their e-Wallet

Member Portal

A web portal allows members to check their balance, and offer more incentives to encourage spending

Full Merchant Management with Merchant App

Support EDC Terminal and Merchant apps, Merchant withdrawal, Settlement & clearance, Merchant discount rate

Push & Email Notification

Notifications can be sent to user and merchant within the app and email


The system can be integrated with your Accounting System, POS, or mobile apps

Generate Report and Tax Claims

Since every data is captured in the system digitally, it makes it easy to sort the data and generate reports

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when there is a problem

Full Project Management

CardBiz will provide comprehensive product training, support and services

Why CardBiz?

  • Experience Vendor that has implemented e-Wallet QR System follow Bank Negara Guideline
  • Application and Data Center complied with PCI DSS
  • Quality and reliable Product Quality
  • 24×7 Support and Maintenance Services


CardBiz offers end-to-end e-Wallet solutions for users, merchants, and the infrastructure to run an entire e-Wallet ecosystem, complete with all the relevant bodies’ authorization to run such a system in Malaysia. It’s never been easier for you to launch your very own e-Wallet system. Interested? Contact us today for a FREE consultation.
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