e-Voucher Management System

E-voucher Management System

Keeping customers loyal to your brand is no walk in the park these days because it is easier than ever for them to switch to a competitor brand. By offering e-vouchers, paper vouchers and gift cards, customers will find value and keep returning to your business. This also helps build brand loyalty, increase sales, improve brand reputation, and even lets you know more about your customers.

At CardBiz, we offer an intuitive Voucher Management System (VMS) that provides many features in a single system. Our solutions can help you track and monitor the status of every voucher, from issuance to redemption.

Features & Functions

Sell Vouchers

Sell physical vouchers, e-vouchers and gift cards of various denominational values. Accepted payment methods include credit card, e-wallets, FPX or loyalty points

Categorized Vouchers

List vouchers according to denomination or categories. Ie. physical outlets, e-commerce platform, petrol, meal vouchers, movie passes, theme parks, fashion, etc.

Web-Based Application

The easy-to-use system lets you track and view various data, inventory, and redemptions to help you make informed decisions. The system can also be accessed anytime and anywhere

Customer Insight

Learn of a customer’s interest by tracking their spending and outlets/platforms they prefer shopping at

Track Voucher Data

Monitor customer voucher use and redemption rates, test new campaigns and learn which ones get you the best ROI

Easy Voucher Generation

Generate vouchers/PINs, prepare and send them for printing, or choose on-demand voucher generation


Customers can choose from a variety of colours and designs or personalize with a message of their choosing or pre-set options

Delivery Options

Digital vouchers can be sent via email or SMS, while paper vouchers and gift cards can be shipped to any address nationwide

Discount and Special Offers

Offer on-the-spot discounts or future purchases, bundle deals, loyalty points, etc

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Information at your fingertips

Hover over the data in the dashboard to get even more detailed information. Your data can also be exported easily for report generation

Manage Inventory

Keep track of your inventory in real-time and easily reorder if stock is running low (requires e-Fulfilment Integration)

Safe and Secure

Comply with PCI DSS requirements that are assessed and certified by external Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors (PA QSA)

App integration

The VMS can also be integrated with an app

Loyalty Program Features
Expiry Date

Set expiry dates of the vouchers

Voucher Redemption

Set custom vouchers redemption rules

Sequence Setting

Arrange vouchers in a specific sequence when viewed by customers

Tap into B2B Market

Grow your revenue with B2B e-vouchers. Empower your business partners, collaborators, and influencers & grow your marketing channels with an easy-to-use B2B e-incentive solution

Expiry Date Reminder

Alert customers via SMS, email or app notification that their gift card or voucher is about to expire

Card Tokenization

Easily and securely store customer payment/card details for future quick and easy transactions

Go Green

Save the trees and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when there is a problem


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