e-Fulfilment System

Businesses that want to provide services such as end-to-end order management or loyalty program redemption for clients such as banks, e-commerce and corporate clients often have to manually sift through their inventory, ensure they are in stock, process redemption, bill the client, and more.

You can make the entire process a lot smoother with the help of technology. An e-Fulfillment System can optimize logistics operations and automate processes, increase efficiency, reduce errors and give you a peace of mind. With CardBiz, our e-Fulfilment System can create a smooth and seamless process for end-to-end order management and offer a remarkable brand experience for you and your clients.

Features and Functions

Quick & Seamless Process

Processing hundreds or thousands of gifts can be slow and tedious. Our solutions can simplify order processing, inventory management, item sorting, delivery status and more.

Automate Processes

Speed up processes via Redemption File Upload or Online Process of redemption file in just seconds.

Corporate Client Management

Manage multiple corporate clients/loyalty operators/ suppliers billing within one system.

Error-Free Fulfilment

A systematic and automated system dramatically lessens human error.

Faster Documentation

With various processes automated, Packing List, Delivery Order Notes, Courier bill, Invoice can be printed via printer without filling up stacks of paper forms.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Your client and end-user will be thrilled with the speed and efficiency of their order.

Loyalty Program Features
Replenish Inventory

Receive alerts when stocks for products are low. Integrate your Accounting/Inventory System to seamlessly generate a purchase requisition order request to your supplier.

Fewer Resources

By automating various processes, it leads to less dependence on manpower and other resources.

Ease of Use

Many steps are reduced and made much easier for your business and your clients.

Quick Order Dispatches

Items are processed, packed and shipped out quickly by integrating with various courier companies.

Easy Sales Order Management

Check total sales and makes billing/invoicing your clients easier.


Customers will receive SMS email or app notifications for each stage of their order ie. order processing, shipped & out for delivery.

Safe and Secure

Can be integrated with our PCI DSS-compliant application for safe and secure storing of customer card details.

Loyalty Program Features
Cater to B2B & B2C

One system can offer points redemption for both sets of clients seamlessly.

Example of an e-Fulfilment System Process Flow

  1. Loyalty Operator generates a redemption file for the fulfilment house to fulfill the gift to their member.
  2. Loyalty Operator sends the redemption file either via e-mail/integrate to e-Fulfilment System.
  3. Fulfilment house will upload the redemption file to process the redemption file.
  4. E-Fulfilment System checks the inventory then generates a Packing List to pack the redemption item/s.
  5. Once item/s are packed, the fulfilment officer will scan the courier bill to auto-notify the courier companies to pick up the package. An SMS will notify the recipient about the delivery status and ETA.
  6. Once received by recipient, the system will auto-update the courier system to complete the fulfillment process.
  7. Fulfilment house shall send the billing to the Loyalty Operator based on their payment terms.

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