Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Manage your tasks, projects, programs, and processes in one platform

Do you feel your existing project management system is cumbersome, slow and inefficient? Do you repeatedly create and update spreadsheets, have lots of reminder post-it notes, and have written a bunch of forms and reports but still think progress is at a snail’s pace?

CardBiz’s Project Management System (PMS) can plan, execute and track projects of any size as well as automate various processes while letting you view, track and manage every step of the process. The system is easy to use and intuitive, and improves the workflow of any project size and scope.

Project Management System Process Flow

From concept to completion, manage and streamline
projects by digitizing your project management now

Features & Benefits

Our project management services offer end-to-end solutions to streamline and automate various aspects of your projects. 

Digitalize Processes

Shifting from paper helps speed up a lot of processes, reduces the paper trail, and makes it more transparent.

Unified System

Organize scattered spreadsheets, cumbersome emails, and messy paper files in one system. Combine multiple systems in a single interface.

Fast & Efficient

Cuts out repetitive processes, automate tasks, quick search/retrieval of data, collaborate with others easily.

Accessible From Any Device

Access anytime and anywhere from multiple devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Remote Work

The system seamlessly connects those working from home, off-site or outstation.


Automate various processes, thus saving time, lower resources, cuts red tape.


Leave comments, attach files, share links, give likes, and respond to other people’s comments - all inside a particular task.

Real-Time Collaborative Editing

Create, co-edit, and share text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time.


You can easily scale the system as your company grows and add additional features with little effort and low cost.

Task Permission Settings

Set custom permissions for editing, delegating, creating, and deleting tasks - on both the individual user and for a group.

Task Reminders and Notifications

Stay on top of your tasks and never miss an important update.

Task Reports

Receive regular task reports from your team members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Cost-Saving Solution

Instead of paying for multiple solutions, get one platform to develop software faster and collaborate more efficiently.

Task Efficiency & KPIs

Every completed task or submitted task report can be either confirmed or declined by the supervisor.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when there is a problem.

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    We’re here to serve your needs

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