e-Receipt System

Managed Hosting E-receipt System

Terminal E-Receipts are a virtual proof of purchase that is sent to a customer via SMS or email. They are far superior to paper receipts which can be a headache for businesses. The weakness of traditional paper receipts include a lot of time spent on filing and sorting stacks of receipts, difficult in searching when there is a dispute, words and numbers fading after couple of months, and not being environmentally friendly.

E-Receipts, offer benefits for banking as well as merchants that have a large volume of terminal transactions. To enhance your business further, consider integrating our Loyalty Program service into your offerings.

Features and Functions

Captures Crucial Information

Transactional amount, approval code, Terminal ID and Merchant ID, date, and time are stored digitally and can be stored for a very long time.

Access Anytime and Anywhere

Authorized users from banks and merchants can log in to the web portal to view and search any e-receipts with differing search options.

Transaction Alert

Enable merchants to receive SMS, email or app notifications for every transaction status. A URL link via SMS/e-mail can also be sent to view the e-receipt.

Fast Notification

SMS and email notifications of e-Receipts are delivered within seconds.

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Merchant Portal

Merchant can login, view, print and download multiple transaction receipts and export the details for easy report generation.

Multiple Outlets

Easily keep track of transactions across multiple business outlets with one system

Resend the e-Receipt

With just the customer’s transaction date and time, the system can easily track past transaction details and resend the e-receipt.

Complements mPOS/UTP Terminals

Works with Mobile POS, unattended POS devices that do not print out paper receipts.

Generate Settlement Receipt

Businesses can view their total settlement claims with the bank.

Create e-Receipt Template

Set specific message templates for each qualifying condition. If sent via email, it can also offer personalized promotions, incentives to connect on social media and more.

Integrate With Other Systems

An e-Receipt system can work seamlessly with systems such as Loyalty Program, Payment Gateway, mobile POS and more.

Seamless Backend Integration

CardBiz’s solutions ensure the software will fit like a glove in your existing system with minimal to no downtime.

Regulatory Compliance

CardBiz’s e-Receipt system adheres to all safety standards for all payment options.

Go Green

Save the trees, save the planet and be a business that cares for the environment by reducing its carbon footprint.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when there is a problem.


It’s high time to ditch paper receipts and switch to a more efficient management system. Enjoy enterprise-level solutions for every business type and size today at an affordable price. Contact us today for FREE consultation on how we can add innovation to your business.
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