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Custom Pos System

Custom Pos System

Businesses, large and small, must accept credit cards if they want to remain competitive. Banks and financial institutions that offer card acceptance agreements to merchants would also offer POS terminals to their clients. However, just as every individual is unique, so too are banks.

To cater to their clients needs, some banks may offer unique services uncommon in the market. Other times, financial institutions may want to enhance their existing security measures with new protocols. At CardBiz, we can customize and develop programs for POS terminals based on a bank’s specific needs. We also have a strong track record with numerous leading banks and financial institutions in Malaysia over the last 10 years.

Features & Benefits

Customized Experience

We can create different UI/UX for POS terminals or add new functions and features

Expand Payment Types

Now and then, a new payment option emerges. Keep up with the trend by incorporating them into your existing terminals

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Dashboard & Reports

Real-time reporting dashboards with customized solutions to help you understand the data more quickly

Making Sure it Works

We conduct extensive testing on each feature so that it is reliable and offers a seamless experience to users

New / Niche Features

Some sectors often have particular use case features. We can adapt these features for you


A well-integrated system leaves less room for errors and discrepancies when data is transferred from one system to another

Upgrades & Updates

CardBiz can push updates and patches to enhance the features and functionalities of the terminals

Lower Cost & Resources

Save time, money and effort by letting CardBiz handle all your program development requirements instead of setting up an entirely new team to manage the system

Business Intelligence Tools Malaysia

POS Analytics

Data mining, predictive analytics, decision support, and KPI tracking are some of the data that can be extracted for your business planning


What is a Custom POS System?

A custom POS (Point of Sale) system is a tailored solution that allows businesses to create a unique and personalized POS setup to meet their specific operational needs and requirements.   

What are the Advantages of a Custom POS System?

Custom POS systems offer businesses the flexibility to design a solution that perfectly aligns with their workflows and processes. They also provide the freedom to choose hardware and software components that best suit their business, offering greater control and customization options.   

How Does a Custom POS System Differ from an All-in-One POS System?

A custom POS system is tailored to the specific needs of a business and allows for individual selection of hardware and software components. In contrast, an all-in-one POS system combines hardware and software provided by a single vendor, offering a pre-integrated solution for businesses.  

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