Master Merchant / Merchant Referral

Merchant Service Referral Program

Are banks rejecting your credit card acceptance application? Is your relatively new company status a reason for the rejections? Are their rules and regulations too strict? Such challenges are pretty common for small and medium-sized businesses.

CardBiz has Master Merchant agreements with leading banks and can offer subcontracts to businesses, thus enabling them to implement debit and credit card payments in their business. Alternatively, we can refer businesses to their specific bank through the Merchant Referral program. CardBiz has over 10 years of experience as a Master Merchant / Merchant Referral for various leading banks in Malaysia and partnership with over 40,000 merchants nationwide.

Features & Benefits

Wide Range of Payments

Accept payment from MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Credit/Debit Card, FPX and e-Wallets

Turning No to Yes

Help businesses meet all requirements for a credit card acceptance contract and comply with the strict requirements of Visa and Mastercard

Rent to Own / Rent to Lease POS Terminals

Lower your operating cost with two methods of renting POS terminals

Very Low Cost

No big upfront payments. Plus, there are no hidden fees to worry about

Payments for Any Business

From e-commerce stores to subscription businesses, to platforms and marketplaces, we offer integration for all your payments needs

High Security

Comply with PCi DSS and SSL encryption to protect both the merchant and the customer

Regulatory Compliance

Operate with the confidence of having a platform that complies with strict Bank Negara Malaysia guidelines

Chargeback Prevention

Reduce the risk of financial losses due to fraud and disputes thanks to accurate tracking of payment processes

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when you need help


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