Cashless Car Parks & Self-Service Kiosks

Cashless Parking System

Not enough staff, high turnover, staff truancy, autopay machine out of order, or it running out of change are serious problems often faced by car park operators and various businesses. Any delay often results in long queues and frustrated customers.

Adopt a more innovative and efficient way of processing payments with unattended POS Terminals for your car park entrance and exit, ticketing machine or Self-Service Kiosk that accepts various payments with a simple wave, insert or scan. Check out our car park solution

Features & Benefits

Wide Range of Payments

Accept payment from Credit/Debit Card, Touch n’ Go, prepaid, e-Wallets or QR Code.

All Types of Parking Types

Works for off-street parking, on-street parking, casual parking, season pass, multi and flexi parking rules.

Wide Variety of Industries

Self-Service Kiosk, Ticketing System, Vending Machines and Car Park Entrance and Exit are suitable for retail, F&B, entertainment, governmental, laundry, hypermarkets, banking, ticketing and more.

Faster Transaction

Instead of fumbling for the ticket or enough change, users need only wave/insert/scan to complete a transaction.

Shorter Queues

Each average transaction time per user is kept to a minimum.

No Duplicate Entry/Exit

Anti Passback prevents successive entries by multiple people with the same access card.

Cost Savings

Immediate reduction in operation cost from parking ticket issuance and no investment in ticketing machines.

Stable and Reliable

Fewer items to service and maintain means lower risk of downtime and breakdowns.

Less Reliance on Manpower

Cashless systems use fewer people to operate. If a breakdown occurs, our system will be notified via email.

Improved Visualization

With bright and good-quality screens, users can easily read the message even under direct sunlight or poor lighting.

Easy to Deploy

Call us and we can work with you to integrate our payment terminal into your car park system.

Safe and Secure

Each payment process uses various security measures to protect you from fraudulent transactions.

Business Intelligence Tools Malaysia

Merchant Portal & Dashboard

A dedicated portal allows merchants to keep track of all transactions and gives you the data to help you make informed business decisions.

Generate Reports and Tax Claims

Stay on top of your business operations with access to daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting.

Business Intelligence Tools Malaysia

Track Card or e-Wallets Transaction

Collect valuable data to better understand your customers.

System Integration

We can easily integrate the parking system, kiosks or vending machines into your existing hardware and software.

Email or SMS Notification

Users may receive email or SMS notifications when there is any error/breakdown of the payment terminal.

Improved User Experience

Quick and seamless transactions will keep your customers happy and satisfied with your service.

Go Green

Reduce your paper usage, save the trees and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when you need help.

One Of The Biggest Cashless Car Park & Self-Service Kiosk Operator in Malaysia

CardBiz Payment has partnered with numerous major hypermarkets, hotels and organizations to convert their car parks to cashless car parks. We have also partnered with several businesses to install unattended/self-service kiosks.

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