CardBizPay online payment gateway
CardBizPay online payment gateway

Quick and Secure Online Payment Gateway

Powering businesses of the future with secure
and quick transactions
Online Payment Gateway in Malaysia
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Unbeatable Online Payment Experience

Powering businesses of the future with secure and quick transactions
Online Payment Gateway in Malaysia
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Online payment gateway by CardBiz

Online Payment Gateway

More Ways to Pay

e-Commerce Platform

Quick online payments from any website or webstore

Social Media & Blogs

No store? No problem. Use Payment Links powered by CardBizPay.

Retail Payment

Accept in-store payments with any POS terminal

Mobile Apps

Supercharge your in-app payments with our API

CardBizPay Features and Functions

Utilize all the payment features conveniently accessible to you through a unified payment service platform. 

Quick and Easy Checkout

The straightforward transaction process is completed within seconds

Wide Range of Payments

Accept payment from MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card, FPX, e-Wallet, mobile payments and subscriptions

Stringent PCI DSS Security

Comply with PCI DSS requirements that are assessed and certified by external Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors (PA QSA)

Complies with BNM

All processes adhere to Bank Negara’s strict guidelines

Complies with PayNet and MyDebit

Compliant with standards and guidelines by both payment infrastructures

Reduced Risk of Fraud

Each payment process uses various security measures to protect you from fraudulent payments

Chargeback Prevention

Reduce the risk of financial losses due to fraud and disputes thanks to accurate tracking of payment processes

Payment Link

Merchants can create a full payment page and send it via email, WhatsApp or SMS to customers to safely pay securely using CardBizPay

Recurring Payment and Subscriptions

Automate all your recurring billing operations with ease using CardBizPay

Easy Expandability

With CardBiz, busineses can seamlessly adopt latest payment solutions, e-wallets, etc

Card Tokenization

Easily and securely store customer payment/card details for quick and easy transactions in future

App integration

Linking the payment mechanism from an app to the Payment Gateway can be done seamlessly

Business Intelligence Tools Malaysia
Merchant Portal & Dashboard

A dedicated web portal allows merchants to keep track of all transactions in real-time and gives you the data to help you make informed business decisions

Business Intelligence Tools Malaysia
Information at your fingertips

Hover over the data in the Dashboard to get even more detailed information. Your data can also be exported easily

Generate Reports and Tax Claims

Stay on top of your business operations with access to real-time reporting and tax filing

Transaction Alert

Merchants can receive SMS, email or app notifications for every successful transaction

Fast Notification

SMS and email notifications of e-Receipts are delivered within seconds


Various processes are automated, saving time, money and effort

Strong Track Record

We have been in the fintech industry for almost 20 years and is an expert in building solutions for various industries and brands

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team is ever ready to assist when you need help

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Accept Payments from a Wide Variety of Channels


1. What is CardBizPay?

CardBizPay is an online payment gateway that facilitates secure and seamless transactions for businesses, allowing them to accept various payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card, FPX, e-Wallet, and mobile payments.

2. How does CardBizPay ensure security for online transactions?

CardBizPay complies with stringent PCI DSS security standards, assessed and certified by external Payment Application Qualified Security Assessors (PA QSA). It also adheres to guidelines set by Bank Negara, PayNet, and MyDebit to ensure secure online transactions and reduce the risk of fraud.

3. What payment methods are accepted through CardBizPay?

CardBizPay accepts a wide range of payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card, FPX, e-Wallet, mobile payments, and subscriptions, providing customers with flexibility and convenience during checkout.

4. Can merchants integrate CardBizPay with their existing apps?

Yes, merchants can seamlessly link their apps to the CardBizPay Payment Gateway, allowing for a smooth and integrated payment process for customers using mobile applications.

5. How does CardBizPay support recurring payments and subscriptions?

CardBizPay enables businesses to automate recurring billing operations, making it easy for customers to set up subscriptions and make regular payments securely and conveniently.

6. What features does the CardBizPay Merchant Portal offer?

The CardBizPay Merchant Portal provides a dedicated web portal for merchants to monitor transactions in real-time, access detailed data for informed business decisions, generate reports, and facilitate tax filing.

7. How can merchants receive transaction alerts with CardBizPay?

Merchants can opt to receive transaction alerts via SMS, email, or app notifications for every successful transaction, ensuring prompt notifications and efficient tracking of payment processes.

8. What makes CardBizPay a reliable online payment gateway?

CardBizPay stands out as a reliable online payment gateway due to its wide range of features and benefits. It offers a quick and easy checkout process, accepts various payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card, FPX, e-Wallet, mobile payments, and subscriptions, and ensures stringent PCI DSS security compliance. Additionally, CardBizPay reduces the risk of fraud, provides chargeback prevention measures, supports recurring payments and subscriptions, and allows for easy expandability with the adoption of the latest payment solutions and e-wallets. With features like payment link generation, card tokenization, app integration, a merchant portal and dashboard for real-time transaction tracking, and dedicated customer support, CardBizPay has established itself as a trusted and efficient online payment gateway in Malaysia.

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