Terminal Management System

Terminal Management System

It is common for banks and financial institutions to have hundreds, if not thousands, of POS terminals across numerous locations nationwide. Attempting to manually track how each unit is performing will require an obscene amount of resources, be inefficient, and be very time-consuming.

CardBiz’s Terminal Management System (TMS) is a flexible and easy-to-use comprehensive web-based system that allows monitoring of every terminal. It provides a full suite of facilities to control POS terminals and their software and will enable users to define, configure and update POS parameters and tasks. Check out the Custom Pos System.

Features & Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring

The device management dashboard allows users to see in real-time device information, location and usage statistics

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Web-Based Application

The easy-to-use system lets you track and view various data. The TMS can also be accessed anytime and anywhere

Block Terminal

In case a terminal is lost or stolen, its access to the TMS can be blocked immediately from the system

Information at Your Fingertips

Provide control and insights into each terminal and the entire fleet

Generate Reports

Basic report, statistical report or assessment report for sales tracking (cash and cashless)

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Visualized Insights

Presenting information in informative and compelling data visualizations like reports, maps, charts and graphs makes it easier to sift through the data

Access management

Secure access to the platform with the access rights configuration accordingly to the applicable business role

Track Inventory

The total installed capacity, daily growth, and terminal geographic distribution map allow decision makers to understand the overall deployment situation at a glance

Quick Deployment

For merchants in remote locations, a CardBiz technician can configure and download the software to a buffer terminal for quick deployment or replacement

Generate e-Receipt Copy from the System

With just the customer’s transaction date and time, the system can easily track past transaction details

Upgrades & Updates

Remote application update functionality allows the device to receive the latest release version, the newest feature installed over OTA / OTI

Integrate With Any Terminal

Works with all wired, wireless and android and Linux-based POS terminals

Flexible and Scalable

New terminals, features, functions, analytics and systems can easily be added to the TMS as the business grows

Safe and Secure

A TMS is critical software for any bank or financial institution, and as such, the highest security standards are in place to protect it from cyber threats

Remote Device Configuration Changes

Change device settings and parameters, including merchant logotype and POS receipt customization for a group of merchants or every merchant

Quick Assistance

Automatic fault tracking processing and maintenance notification are some of the features to speed up support processes

Application Ready

Service API for customized merchant application development

Loyalty Program Features

Set KPIs

Set targets and Key Performance Index your business should aim for


Various processes are automated, saving time, money and effort

Terminal Line Encryption

Encrypting data transmitted between terminal lines and Acquiring Host is secure and cannot be easily intercepted or tampered with by unauthorized parties.

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