POS System Integration

POS Integration

Obtaining a Point of Sale (POS) System is just half the battle; you still need it to integrate with a payment terminal.

A sound POS system can do whatever your business requires when appropriately configured, thanks to various customizable features. CardBiz has an impeccable track record of providing POS integration with payment terminal for numerous companies, both big and small, for the last 10 years.

Features & Benefits

Save Time, Money, and Effort

No need to spend time and money to build/adopt a new system. Just integrate it with your existing system(s).

POS API and Specification

We shall provide you with our API specification and sample code for your easy integration.

Dual Channel Integration

Integrations can track sales trends over physical and online channels, making it easier to monitor the performance of your business.

Loyalty Program Features

Third-Party Payment Processing

Merchant services provider lets you provide more payment methods to your customers and helps you receive payments.

Loyalty POS Integration

Integrate your loyalty management systems with your POS terminal so that you can award points and process redemption with ease.


Our system integrations can generate reports to track the business performance of all your online and offline outlets in one glance.

High Security

Highest security and standards to ensure transactions keep coming but fraud at bay.

Regulatory Compliance

Operate with the confidence of having a platform that complies with strict Bank Negara Malaysia, VISA, and Mastercard requirements.


Automate processes, thus saving time, lower resources, and improving the overall user experience.

Business Intelligence Tools Malaysia

Insight Into Customer Behavior

Adding tools like analytics or lead generation can help your business better understand your customers.

Enable Payment Processing That Avoids Typo Errors

POS will send the Transaction Amount and necessary data to Payment Terminal for approval and authorization. This could assist you to prevent typo errors and keep track of all transaction records easily.

Kickstart your business with a reputable and reliable POS System Integration

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