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CardBiz Payment Gateway offers transaction charges that are among, if not, the lowest rates in the market. Coupled with our nearly 20-year track record in creating digital solutions that are used daily by 1 million Malaysians daily, rest assured your transactions are our utmost priority. Transaction charges vary by payment methods but you do not have to worry about different payment tiers and confusing packages. From no setup fees to first-year annual fee waiver and no minimum transaction volume requirements, you can be assured you are getting the best value Payment Gateway, period!
Mode of Transaction Facility MDR Rate
Setup Fees Waived
Annual Fees Waive for 1st Year
Bank Card VISA & MasterCard Credit 1% ~ 2.0%
VISA & MasterCard Debit 1% ~ 2.0%
Oversea Premium Card 2.40%
e-Wallet Boost Online e-Wallet 1.2%
GrabPay Online E-Wallet 1.2%
Maybank QRPay Push Online 1.2%
ShoppeePay Online E-Wallet 1.2%
Touch n’ Go Digital Online E-Wallet 1.2%
WeChat Pay (Malaysia) E-Wallet 1%
AliPay Cross Border (China) Online E-Wallet 1.5%
WeChat Pay Cross Border (China) Online E-Wallet 1%
FPX - Current Account/Saving Account Business to Consumer (B2C) RM1.00 per transaction
Business to Business (B2B) RM1.50 per transaction
Settlement RM1.00 per transaction
Refund RM1.00 per transaction
Chargeback RM1.00 per transaction

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    We’re here to serve your needs

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