Ultra High-Resolution Secure Card Printing

Best In Class Retransfer Card Printer

Matica’s XID8600 is a premium quality printer, perfectly suited for the most demanding ID card programs requiring high definition and high-security printing. Its 600dpi printhead delivers outstanding image quality combined with security printing, including micro text and covert UV printing to increase the number of Visual Security Elements (VSEs) on the card.

Built on the established XID series print engine, the XID8600 is durable and reliable. This, in combination with its high-security print options, large capacity ribbons (1000 images), and its ability to print on durable card materials such as PC and ABS, makes it ideal for high-volume secure government ID schemes, including driver’s licenses and national ID cards.

Tailored, secure retransfer printing

Since sophisticated ID card applications normally require personalization on both sides of the card, the standard XID8600 model comes equipped for duplex printing, due to the factory-fitted built-in flipper module. A 200-card feeder and output hopper (for cards with a standard thickness of 0.76 mm) are similarly integrated.

For secure technology-based cards, an inline contact or contactless chip encoder, as well as a magnetic stripe encoder are also available. The XID8600 can be seamlessly connected to single or dual-sided inline lamination modules (Matica’s ILM-LS or ILM-DS) to increase the durability and tamper-resistance of cards.

Key Strengths

  • Flexible care benefits
  • Disability waiver of monthly deduction
  • Guaranteed insurability option

Ideal for

  • Flexible care benefits
  • Disability waiver of monthly deduction
  • Guaranteed insurability option

XID8600 Video


  • Government ID
  • Student ID
  • Visitor Badge
  • Access Control
  • Transport
  • Benefit Card
  • Healthcare Card
  • Insurance Card
    and more…

Get the most out
of your card printer

The Matica XID8600 printer does more than print ID cards. Maximize the full potential of your card printer and issue all kinds of ID cards with superior printing quality and security features.

Matica XID8600 Specifications

Method Dye sublimation
Mode Retransfer
Resolution 600dpi
Speed Up to 120 cph (single-sided)
Magnetic Stripe ISO 7811 HiCo/LoCo (factory fit only)
Smart card / contactless Contact PC/SC, EMV compliant.
Smart contact: ISO 7816-2. Contactless: ISO14443A, B, ISO15693, MIFARE®, DESFire®, HID iClass®
Format & materials ISO CR80
Card thickness 0.25 mm – 1.02 mm (10 mil – 40 mil) (hopper adjustment required)
Input stacker 200 cards (0.76mm)
Output stacker 100 card (0.76mm)
100 card reject bin
Connectivity Ethernet, USB 2.0
Printer dimensions (L x W x H) 343 x 322 x 360 mm (13.5″ x 12.6″ x 14.1″)
Weight 13.9 kg (30.6 lbs)

How to Make 600 DPI Cards

Find out how to make 600dpi high-definition identity cards with Matica XID8600 retransfer printer


Lamination Modules

ChromXpertTM ribbon

Printing Panel Capacity Part No.
ChromXpert Diamond YMCK 1000 prints PR000816
ChromXpert Diamond YMCKK 750 prints PR000817
ChromXpert Diamond YMCKUv 750 prints PR000813
ChromXpert Diamond K 2200 prints PR000815
ChromXpert Diamond RT Film 1000 prints PR000819
ChromXpert Platinum YMCKPo 750 prints DIC10218

Matica XID8600 Drivers & Firmware

For latest device drivers, visit: www.maticacorp.com/corporate/support-download


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