High-speed Lamination For Secure ID Cards

Security You Can Trust

The MC-L2 laminator module is the ideal solution to enhance the durability and security of cards printed on the MC310 direct-to-card printer. Easy to install and operate, the MC-L2 works inline with the MC310 to laminate cards at exceptional speeds, laminating both sides of the card in less than 20 seconds thanks to the simultaneous dual-side lamination process.

Enhancing card security

Once personalized by the printer, cards can be laminated with the MC-L2 by using a heat-sealing film. This film can contain holographic and other visual security elements (VSEs) for enhanced protection.

Secure B 1.0mil patch laminate

Reinforcing card durability

Another important reason to laminate pre-personalized cards is to increase the durability and extend the life of the card, thanks to the enhanced mechanical and UV resistance of the lamination material. A card laminated with a 1.0 mil (35 micron) patch can have a lifecycle of up to 10 years – a timeframe often mandated for government/citizen ID schemes

1.0mil clear patch laminate

Key Strengths

  • Compact desktop design that seamlessly integrates with the MC310 direct-to-card printer
  • Up to 180 cards per hour
  • Controllable from the MC310’s XPS driver or from EDIsecure
  • High capacity consumables (1000 images)

Ideal for

  • National ID cards
  • Resident cards
  • Driving licenses
  • Corporate cards
  • Campus / student cards

MC-L2 Video

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The MC-L2 is available in three different configurations to suit any card lamination application

  • Single-sided lower cassette only
  • Single-sided upper cassette only
  • Dual-sided with both lower and upper cassettes

MC-L2 Specifications

Lamination method Heater roller
Lamination mode Single and dual-sided
Halogen lamp Single: 500W x 1 vertical
Dual: 500W x 2 vertical
Lamination speed 19 seconds
Security Protected with RFID tag
Thin film overlay Clear or standard/customized holographic 1000 repeats/roll
Patch Clear or standard/customized holographic 500 repeats/roll
Patch thickness 0.5 mil (clear)
0.6 mil (holographic)
1.0 mil (clear/holographic)
Card materials PVC, PET-G, PET, ABS, PC
Card format ISO CR-80-ISO 7810
53.98 x 85.60 mm
(3.375” x 2.125”)
Card thickness 0.76 -1.0 mm (30 – 40 mil)
Capacity Output stacker: 150 cards
Manual single card feed
Connectivity USB 2.0 (High-speed)
Printer dimensions (L x W x H) 320 x 214.1 x 320.1 mm
(12.5″ x 8.4″ x 12.6″)
Weight 10kg (22lbs)

Coming Soon

ChromXpertTM ribbon

Type Format Capacity Part No.
Clear Thin film overlay 1000 PR26605500
Secure A Thin film overlay 1000 PR26608503
Customized Thin film overlay 1000 PR26605502
Clear 0.5mil clear patch 500 PR26605406
Clear with chip cutout 0.5mil clear patch 500 PR26605407
Secure A 0.6mil Holographic patch 500 PR26608412
Secure A chip cutout 0.6mil Holographic patch 500 PR26608414
Secure B 0.6mil Holographic patch 500 PR26608413
Customized holographic 0.6mil Holographic patch 500 PR26605411
Clear 1.0mil clear patch 500 PR26605401
Clear with chip cutout 1.0mil clear patch 500 PR26605402
Secure A 1.0mil Holographic patch 500 PR26608415
Customized holographic 1.0mil Holographic patch 500 PR26605410

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