Laser Color Personalization System

3rd Generation Matica Desktop Laser

Advanced protection and accelerated speed are crucial for the effective issuance of highly secure ID cards, whether that’s national ID cards or driver’s licenses. Issuing cards that are impossible to counterfeit has become the gold standard dream goal over the years and is why governments and corporations continue to find ways to combat forgery. This is where the LCP9660 comes into its own.

Matica’s LCP9660 color laser personalization system is state-of-the-art. Its innovative color and fiber laser personalization system delivers highly secure, full-color, personalized cards in a single pass. It is created by connecting the MC660 to the LCP9660, Matica’s third-generation desktop laser module.

It produces a personalized card that boasts an outstanding 600dpi image and accelerated security standards thanks to the laser process which engraves information into the body of the card.

Complete Visual Security Features

Key Strengths

  • 10W fiber laser, MOPA technology
  • 600 x 600 dpi duplex printing
  • Able to print invisible UV colors and visible colors simultaneously
  • High-definition duplex laser marking
  • High reliability
  • Up to 120 cards per hour


  • Laser security options: CLI/MLI, offset registration, MRZ reading
  • MC-L lamination module (single/dual side), one pass
  • Optical Reader: 1D/2D barcode
  • Optical Reader: Digital camera for OCR recognition

LCP9660 Video

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  • Driving licenses
  • Resident cards
  • Registration cards
  • National ID cards
  • Secure ID cards
    and more…

Get the most out
of your card printer

Maximize the full potential of your Matica LCP9660 laser engraver module and issue all kinds of ID cards with superior printing quality and security features.

MC-L2 Specifications

Method Fiber Laser Dye sublimation Thermal Transfer
Mode Laser engraving Retransfer
Resolution 300 to 1600 dpi
Speed 120 cph
Options Dual-interface contact/contactless smart card encoder
Magnetic stripe encoder ISO7811
Format & materials ABS, PC, PET
Hoppers 250-card output hopper
Feeder 250 card feeder
Software Laser layout editor
Connectivity Ethernet
USB 2.0
Consumables SmartSupply
Printer dimensions (L x W x H) 1036 x 740 x 1097mm (including both printer and laser module)

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Lamination Modules


XID Retransfer Series

ChromXpertTM ribbon

Ribbon Panel Part No.
ChromXpert Diamond YMCK PR000616
ChromXpert Diamond YMCK-K PR000617
ChromXpert Diamond YMCKUv PR000612
ChromXpert Diamond YMCKSc PR000613
ChromXpert Diamond Retransfer Film PR000619
ChromXpert Platinum YMCK PR20619116
ChromXpert Platinum YMCK-K PR20619117
ChromXpert Platinum YMCKSc PR20619112
ChromXpert Platinum YMCKUv PR20619113
ChromXpert Platinum Retransfer Film PR20619113
ChromXpert Platinum Retransfer Film with Standard Embedded Hologram PR20620221

LCP9660 Drivers & Firmware

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