e-Wallet System

e-Wallet System helps you retain customers – which help you increase profits

The entire E-Wallet concept will be similar to VISA/MasterCard business model whereby CardBiz will supply the merchant with different payment instruments or a platform to operate their own e-Money business with closed-loop or open-loop that following BNM’s guideline.

These operators (Card Issuer) will issue their card/virtual account by using CardBiz’s e-Money Payment platform to accept the e-Money transaction from different Card Acquirer’s via EDC Terminal or Merchant Apps. Transaction fees will be imposed to On-Us and Off-Us transaction.

Market Needs

  • An innovative payment system that emerging the web-based application, payment switch, mobile application, EDC Terminal and physical or virtual card for various merchants to select from.
  • Merchants are looking for a platform to cross sales and promote their prepaid or gift card. Yet CBE will be their gateway allows different card issuers to be accepted at different card acquirers.
  • CBE offer not just customized e-money solution, also with subscription/on-demand base system for SME companies who would out-source due to lack of fund, resources, infrastructure and other reasons.
  • Flexible subscription terms with shortest of 1 year or as long as life time usage.
  • Application Program Interface (API) will be provided to integrate with any online shopping, backend application, Mobile Apps, POS, Car Park System, Kiosk and even vending machines.
  • Integrated with TagRewards Universal CRM solution, payment gateway for fees payments and collection.
  • Integrate with effective communication tools such as Push Notification to Mobile Apps, eMail and SMS broadcasting.
  • Co-Brand and partner with loyalty operator offer comprehensive rewards mechanism that retailers can’t be resisted to offer to their customers.
  • Built-in with Business Intelligent data analysis tools to yield customer insight behavior.
  • Future to incorporate with other e-Money operator for cross border gift card.
  • Members indeed required to keep track all their prepaid cards in just one(1) platform. Keeping their e-Money value, points, rewards and etc… "One accounts for all membership".


    Prepaid or Stored Value Card will be targeted to implement for schools & campuses, food court operators, kiosk, vending machines and car park operators. Each integrated system proposed will base on client’s requirements selecting from POS, attended and unattended EDC Terminal, kiosk, vending machine and card technology that best suit to their needs.


    Gift cards are normally given out by retailers and marketers as part of a promotion strategy, to entice the customer/recipient to come in or return to the store. Gift Cards can be reloadable and non-reloadable that target to promote to selected merchants such as Departmental Stores, Chain Stores, F&B or Petro companies only. CARDBIZ will provide the control Card PAN for various gift cards with pre-denomination value to be purchased at merchant’s outlet or any participated stores. An unique internet Personal Identification Number (i-PIN) will be printed and covered with scratch-off foil at the Gift Card allow the customers to register and verify before the purchase


    To obtain a virtual card, customer must register at authorized Partners/Merchants web portal as online member. Customer can online request a Virtual Card that integrated by the e-Wallet host, purchase a new virtual card from online shopping or even register their existing prepaid card into online virtual account. All participated online merchants or partners will be provided with Application Program Interface(API) in order the transaction to be route back for verification and approval. The benefits of using online virtual account is to manage their funds thru a user-friendly and effective web portal. Members could perform online purchase, online reload via payment gateway, funds transfer and bill payment. Transaction Authentication Code(TAC) will be used on above activities to minimize the risk of fraud and money laundering. Below are some of the important features and functions on Virtual Card.


    Customized native mobile application for both members and merchants can be downloaded from Appstore and Play Store. Mobile e-Wallet provide the member with flexibility of payment anywhere anytime as long as they have their smart phone. For those merchant who already has mobile apps, Application Program Interface(API) will be provided to interface with CBE payment switch. Transaction Authentication Code(TAC) will be used on above activities to minimize the risk of fraud and money laundering.

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