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iELS offers powerful marketing strategy that helps companies identify, retain and increase customer loyalty by rewarding their customer.

Loyalty Program

A long term marketing strategy that helps companies identify, retain and increase customer loyalty by rewarding them based on flexible dynamic business rules.

iELS or innovative E-Loyalty System, can be customized to be flexible and take into consideration the dynamic nature of our client's needs to cope with their present and future requirements. It enables our client to take advantage of leading web-based application and easy deployment of electronic data capture (EDC) Terminal at the frontend.

iELS's unique and powerful loyalty marketing system provides maximum flexibility in delivering an overall solution, one that is top-class and designed to meet our client's long-term goals and strategies.

How Loyalty Marketing Can Help Your Business?

Loyalty marketing helps you retain customers - which helps you increase profits.

The typical corporation loses almost half its customer base every five years. Companies that understand the impact of this customer attrition and take steps to stern losses can realize dramatic profit gains. In fact, according to Frederick Reichheld in The Loyalty Effect, a 5% improvement in a company's customer attrition rate can push that company's profit up to 75% higher.

Customer loyalty is different from customer satisfaction.

Between 65% to 85% of customers who defect report that were satisfied or very satisfied with the companies from which they removed their business. iELS can work with you to help you create strategies that allow you to retain high levels of customer service and achieve high levels of customer loyalty. Get in touch with us to start a dialogue with your customers.


Increasing turnover by :

  • Attracting new primary customers
  • Advertising your store or brand name
  • Increasing the lifetime value of customer
  • Increasing the number of customer visits
  • Increasing the average customer expenditure
  • Rewarding points or value to encourage expenditure
  • Personalizing the service through accurate consumer data
  • Increasing cross-selling with a high customer referral rate

Reducing Costs by:

  • Maintain competitiveness
  • Decreased price sensitivity
  • Reduced marketing costs through better targeting
  • Reduced cost of sale through increases customer loyalty
  • Developing the distinctiveness and personal relevance of the retail brand
  • Lower acquisition costs, lower transaction costs by moving customers online


Program Strategy

One of our key competitive advantage is our ability to provide Loyalty Marketing Strategy expertise. Our team of highly-trained loyalty marketing strategists is available to our clients for up-front program design and strategy, as well as on-going analysis and strategic development. Our clients use our Strategic Services for loyalty program assessment, ROI analysis or other program strategy.

The following is our distinct strategic services :

  • Clearly Defined Objectives
  • Program and Campaign Design
  • Customer Research and Segmentation
Program Management

We see Program Management as a top priority and consider it to be a critical ingredient in our ability to not only meet, but to exceed our clients expectations. Our approach to all program management services is based on the delivery of Worry-Free Execution of all service components and support all project-level activity to ensure the overall program goals are likely to be met.

These include :

  • On-going Program Management & Strategy Enhancements
  • Continuous Program Tracking & Review
  • Customer Behaviour Tracking
Rewards & Fulfillment

We have a vast experience in providing rewards that drive customer behaviour. The loyalty scheme offers a variety of reward packages specifically tailored for your members. Developing an effetive Rewards Strategy includes :

  • Payout recommendations
  • Rewards selection
  • Months-to-earn analysis
  • ROI analysis & etc.
Member Services

The effective handling of the customer service process is crucial to the success of any loyalty marketing program. iELS Loyalty Marketing's scope of services and experience in handling all aspects of member service includes :

  • Customer Service Website
  • Program enrollment
  • Online and offline rewards redemption
  • Referrals
Member Communications

Because of the depth and breadth of the creative service that we offer, iELS is focused on designing and providing communication campaigns that stimulate customer loyalty and frequency. Loyalty program communication includes :

  • Traditional and web-based communications
  • Customer enrollment and welcome packages
  • Customer statements
  • Promotional programs
  • On-going 1-on-1 communications strategies
Reporting & Analysis

Critical to the success of any loyalty program is a sound tracking plan. Throughout all phases of program management, our account team is managing the quality and timing of the program delivery. Every client's program is different and our on-going evaluation allows us to refine and enhance the program execution depending on your specific needs. The following is a list of some of the reporting and analysis support we provide :

  • Card Transaction Report
  • Card Spending Report
  • Merchant Settlement Report
  • Renewal Report
  • Card Stock Report
  • Card Balance Report
  • Gift Balance Report
  • Gift Redemption Report & etc.

What Makes US Different?

iELS can help you operate your own Loyalty program by offering 2 options:

iELS ENT - Enterprise Model for Loyalty program. These are usually closed systems, where the system is used for merchant's own programs and those of it's participating partner. We offer our know-how in running loyalty program as a consulting service.

iELS ASP - ASP Loyalty Model. iELS offer an affordable option where by the loyalty program is outsourced and hosted in its office allowing customer to focus on it's core business. All necessary hardware and infrastructure is available for a low initial investment, along with easy setup.

iELS support a broad range of card-based applications that cater for your company's current and future needs. We strive to enhance and advance our product and services in order to meet our clients goal and to provide global solution.

IELS loyalty program

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, contact us and we'll show you the way!

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