e-Fulfillment System

A reliable breakthrough material handling syste for automating end to end order fulfillment processes in distribution


iEFS offers impressive features and reliability breakthrough material handling system for automating end to end order fulfillment processes.


The iNovative Electronic Fulfillment System also known as iEFS offers impressive features and reliability breakthrough material handling system for automating end to end order fulfillment processes in distribution.

iEFS can be customized to be flexible and take into consideration the dynamic nature of our client's needs to cope with their present and future requirements. iEFS is the best system to help you reduce order processing costs and improving warehousing costs and efficiency. Our comprehensive system can dramatically reduce distribution center costs and provide a quick ROI. Let our experts help you to develop a fast, accurate and low cost order fulfillment system.

iEFS is the unique and powerful e-Fulfillment system that provides maximum flexibility and security that meets our client's goals and long term strategy.

How e-Fulfillment System Can Help Your Business?

With the continue growth of e-Commerce, order fulfillment has become a critical business function. Companies are challenged to deliver perfect order day by day. By using iEFS, it can help you to easily maintain constant visibility over their fulfillment operations and accurate inventory.

Our comprehensive e-Fulfillment system allows you to monitor your order fillers' productivity and accuracy and ensure your fulfillment operatian can keep up with your expected order volume or live up to delivery timeframes and order accuracy your customer expect.


Increasing turnover by :

  • Avoid working manually
  • Time efficient experience
  • Easy to use and fast interface
  • Manages the application data collection process
  • Automatically retrieve order and inventory management
  • Monitor fulfillment operation accurately so that you can focus on your core business

Reducing Costs by:

  • Reduced Labor cost
  • Complete inventory control
  • Reduced the fulfillment time
  • Control inbound and outbound freight cost
  • Reduced packing material (e.g: tabs, wrapper)and eliminate waste


iEFS provides one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business operations.
iEFS allows to monitor your order fillers' productivity and accuracy.

Inventory Level Updates
  • Up-to-date on in-stock item
  • Up-to-date on out of stock item
  • Flexibility to add and modify products
Order Received Status
  • Order configuration
  • Order processing
  • Order acknowledgement/ Confirmation
Proprietary Technology
  • Order received status
  • Automatic order retrieval
  • Circulation data synchronization
Reporting & Analysis
  • Real time inventory report
  • Analysis report
  • Run detailed report

What Makes US Different?

CardBiz's iEFS can help you operate your own e-fulfillment system from:

  1. iEFS ETO - Engineer-to-Order, the system is custom designed to meet customers specifications; this approach is most common for large organization projects.
  2. iEFS BTO - Build-to-Order, the system is based on a standard design, but the final system is a combination of standard and custom-designed items to meet the specific needs of the customer.

iEFS support a broad range of card-based applications that cater for your company's current and future needs. We strive to enhance and advance our product and services in order to meet our clients goal and to provide global solution.

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