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iEAS is an attendance marking system that allows you to records your employee attendance data simply and accurately.


iEFS offers impressive features and reliability breakthrough material handling system for automating end to end order fulfillment processes.

iECS offers a secure and user-friendly online store to boosting your business and enjoying consistent profit.

iEPS offers the operator a powerful and yet user-friendly prepaid card system / Gift Card which combine the breakthrough terminal technology.

iELS offers powerful marketing strategy that helps companies identify, retain and increase customer loyalty by rewarding their customer.

An outsource loyalty program or subscription base system for SMEs who would like to out-source due to lack of fund, resources, infrastructure and other reasons. It simply runs on cloud for any retailers/merchants to implement their own loyalty program with minimal cost. The core engine will be combining the current market most popular loyalty mechanism on Loyalty Points and member portal with effective email and SMS broadcasting module.

TagRewards Loyalty Program

It Include user-friendly Admin Portal for merchant to login to manage the daily operation and Member Portal for member to check their points and online voucher. A Touch Screen EDC Terminal or mobile responsible apps will be deployed to your outlet for member registration using Handphone number or swiping of Member Card. Points can be collected immediately and redemption can be performed on-the-spot. It’s built-in with SMS or email communication tools for you to blast your news and promotions at your prefer time.

TagRewards Loyalty Program
TagRewards Loyalty Program

A customized Online Redemption System (ORS) that provides corporate or loyalty operator an option for their member to redeem online. Member profile and awarded points can be uploaded into database allow members to check and redeem online.

Great variety of gift categories ranging from items will be displayed thru user-friendly redemption portal. It’s built-in with SMS or email communication tools for you to blast your news and promotions at your prefer time.

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by smartphones. It allows to encode over 4000 characters in a two dimensional barcode. As the world is turning to mobile apps and other cashless payment standards, the QR code is regarded as one of the most valuable applications. With its ability to hold remarkable amounts of data, security that is safer than a credit card and the unmatched speed at which that content can be scanned has put it in a league of its own.

Our Closed/Open-loop QRPay system is our latest customized E-Wallet system that’s combining of Consumer Mobile Apps, Merchant Apps and EDC Terminal that provides quick and easy payments via QR code. It can attach a bank card to the consumer apps for easy reload and payment. Merchant has an option to deploy EDC Terminal or download Merchant Apps to make and receive payments with a dynamic QR Codes.

There are two different types of QR Code to be generated by our system:

Merchant Generated QR code/Dynamic QR Code

Merchant will key in the transaction amount at the Merchant Apps or EDC Terminal, the device will generate a Dynamic QR Code for consumer to scan using a mobile device. This tells the consumer’s mobile payment app or eWallet how much they’re being charged, and the customer’s device sends a payment for the total charge to the merchant.

Consumer Generated QR code / Static QR Code

Merchant will key in the transaction amount at the Merchant Apps or EDC Terminal, then scan the consumer apps Static QR Code. e-Wallet host will send the payment message for the total charges to the consumer apps, Consumer then key in the PIN at his device. Once PIN is verified by host and merchant will receive the payment message at the Merchant Apps or EDC Terminal.

Both QR Code generated above is developed following Bank Negara Malaysia’s QR Code guideline with tight security control. Because QR codes are more secure, we offer immediate and customizable solutions enabling our clients to create QR codes that generate an electronic payment invoice in real-time.

We offer below options for your consideration:

Outright Purchase

A one-off procurement of QRPay System which will customize base on our client’s requirements. Its required initial investment on hardware, software and infrastructure, an outright purchase can be advantageous in many ways.

SaaS (Software as a Service)/Cloud Computing

In recent years, SaaS/Cloud Computing has become a valuable hosting alternative across various industries. By subscribing to our SaaS on a monthly or transaction fees basis, your business will enjoy many practical and hassle-free solutions.

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