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Support Services

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CardBiz supports services shall consist of the following:

Level 1 - By System User/ Client Personnel

Transfer of technology to ensure Client Personnel can provide the first level of support. The user has to fill in the Request Service Form (RSF) on any of the problems when they are using the systems. The RSF will be submitted to CardBiz. The IT personnel will investigate the problems and will try to solve. If the problems can be solved, he or she will fill the action taken in the RSF. This RSF will be filed in the specific files.

Level 2 - Phone/ Email

The problem that cannot be solved by Client Personnel will be escalated to CardBiz. Our support personnel will call Client Personnel to investigate the problems and the action has taken by IT personnel. Our personnel will guide Client Personnel on how to solve the problems. The steps taken will be filled in the RSF and will be given a copy to Client.

Level 3 - On-Site Support

Our personnel will go to Client if the problem cannot be solved through the phone. Our personnel will make an appointment before visiting the Client.

Level 4 - Scheduled On-Site Visits

We will also send our engineer to your site for half-day (4 hours) quarterly to carry preventive maintenance tasks. The actual scheduled plan will be provided upon the start of the Project Warrenty period

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