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e-Purse - iEPS / Gift Card

A unique e-Purse system that provides maximum flexibility & security.

The innovative Electronic Purse System also known as iEPS offers impressive features and reliability which combine the breakthrough terminal technology offering the operator a powerful and yet user-friendly prepaid card system that is available in the marketplace nowadays.

iEPS can be customized to be flexible and take into consideration the dynamic nature of our client's needs to cope with their present and future requirements. It enables our client's to take advantage of leading web-based application and easy deployment of electronic data capture (EDC) Terminal at the frontend.

It can also be integrated with Point-Of-Sales, Human Resource System or CRM to track and analyze the cardholder buying behaviours.

iEPS is the unique e-Purse system that provides maximum flexibility and security that meets our client's goals and long term strategy.

How an e-Purse / Gift Card can Help Your Business?

Today, if you can't accept card payments, you are losing sales opportunities. This causes a stagnation in your business but we have the solution. iEPS represents a breakthrough in payment terminal technology. It is designed by an in house group of experienced and skillful software experts.

It can be applied in most environment where cash is used such as :

  • Food & beverages
  • Food courts
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & club houses
  • Membership
  • Campuses & hostels
  • Retail chain stores
  • Fitness centers & etc


Increasing turnover by :

  • Track and monitor customers behaviour
  • Customers will spend their card balance
  • Sales will increase due to customer loyalty
  • Cost effective, flexible and modern system
  • A prepaid system will allow you to collect money in advance
  • Faster transaction processing resulting in satisfied customers

Reducing Costs by:

  • Maintain competitiveness
  • Easy to use front-end system
  • Better control of inventory and pricing
  • Faster generation of transaction reports
  • Reduces marketing costs through better targeting
  • Includes features that can run promotions and discounts
  • Increase customer loyalty as card is always stored in their wallets


  • Support multiple merchants, outlet and counters
  • A perfect prepaid or gift card for all ocassion
  • A trendy and convenient way of payment methods
  • Instant card issuance with any amount that customer desire
  • Instant value deduction with any amount of customer's choice
  • Convenient top up or reload via EDC Terminal
  • Better member services and higher value of prepaid or gift card
  • Member online access to provide better services
  • A full suite of card management system can be easily managed
  • Support multiple outlets and external merchants can be recruited
  • Easy and simple retrieval of personalization marketing that provides communication campaigns that stimulate and improve customer loyalty and frequency
General Features Reload / Top up
Balance Inquiry
Login N/A
Card Activation N/A N/A
Reload / Top up N/A N/A
Void Reload N/A N/A
Adjustment N/A N/A
Refund N/A N/A
Card Transfer N/A N/A
Card Combine N/A N/A
Print Purchase History N/A N/A
Online Sales N/A N/A
Void Sales N/A N/A
Settlement N/A
Balance Enquiry N/A
Logoff N/A

What Makes US Different?

CardBiz's iEPS can help you operate your own e-Purse system from :

  1. Online Solution Style. This is meant for both magnetic stripe or smart card (contact or contactless) interface. All transactions will be processed real-time using EDC Terminal through online connection via phone line, local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or 3G at user preference timeframe; most of the time via end-of-day process. All data will then be updated into a secure centralize database.
  2. Offline solution style This is meant for smart card (contact or contactless) interface only. All transactions will be processed offline by EDC Terminal then save into EDC Terminal memory. All saved transactions can then upload to database through online connection via phone line, local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or 3G at user preference timeframe; most of the time via end-of-day process. All data will then be updated into a secure centralize database.

We provide a broad range of card-based applications that caters for your company's current and future needs. We strive for the continuing advancement of product and services enhancements, which will bring to the user future functionality that would supply the client goals with a global solution.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, contact us and we'll show you the way!