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PVC Cards – Magnetic & Smart Card

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Contact Smart Cards

Contact Smart Cards

These are the most common type of smart card. Smart Contact Card contains a chip pad on the card surface, which makes contact the encoder when inserted in to extract information from the chip.

There are different standards for the Smart Contact Card, the most common one is ISO/IEC 7816, which defines the physical characteristics, electrical interface, functionality, etc.

Smart Contact Card increased levels of processing power, flexibility and memory will add cost. Single function cards are usually the most cost-effective solution.

Benefits :
  • Chip is tamper-resistant
  • Capable of performing encryption
  • Communicate with computing devides through a smart card reader
  • Information stored on the card can be PIN code and/or read-write protected
  • Smart card provide a portable, easy to use from factor that many are familiar with using
  • Information and applications on a card can be updated without having to issue new cards

Contact Smart Card