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PVC Cards – Magnetic & Smart Card

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Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic Stripe Card is a type of PVC card with a band of magnetic material embedded into resin on the back of the card.

The magnetic stripe is read by physical contact and swiping past a reading head. Magnetic stripe cards are commonly used in identity, loyalty, membership, prepaid, ID and credit cards such as a bank card for use in an automated teller machine with a magnetizable strip or surface on which data can be recorded.

Magnetic Stripe Card contains three tracks to store data which are types 300oe, 2750 oe & 4000oe. Magnetic stripe of gold or silver color are also available.

Benefits :
  • Low cost
  • More secure than barcodes
  • Higher data capacity than most barcodes
  • Re-writable dara that can be updated when required
  • Well established standards, resulting in high compatibility
  • Ease and speed of use, making them ideal for transit and point of sale applications

Magnetic card